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Photograph and Illustration Caption List for "Staunton, Virginia: Its Past, Present and Future
by Armistead C. Gordon, Esq.

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Staunton, Virginia: Its Past, Present and Future
by Armistead C. Gordon, Esq.

With Illustrations from Photographs by Edmund Berkeley
Designed, Illustrated and Printed by The South Publishing Company, 1890

BROWSE SAMPLE PAGES FROM BOOK: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (PDF, each page approx. 300KB)

1. Staunton, Virginia
2. South View from Corridor of Hotel Altemonte. Institution for Deaf, Dumb and Blind to the right, and Buildings and Grounds of the Western Lunatic Asylum in Distance.
3. View from Corridors Hotel Altemonte.
4. Staunton, looking up Augusta Street
5. Partial view Main Street, Staunton, VA., 1880.
6. Court House, Staunton, VA.
7. Grounds Of The Deaf, Dumb And Blind Institute.
8. Opera House 9. Grounds And Buildings Of The Western Lunatic Asylum, One Of Virginia's Public Charities, Affording A Home And Comforts To Upwards Of One Thousand Unfortunate People Of Both Sexes.
10. Eastwood, Residence of M. Erskine Miller.
11. Chesapeake and Ohio, Railway Passenger Depot.
12. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Passenger Depot.
13. Residence of D. A. Keyser.
14. Residence of T. D. Ranson.
15. Residence of Isaac Witz
16. Residence of Major Jed Hotchkiss
17. Virginia Female Institute, Mrs. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart, Principal
18. Residence of H. M. McLinary
19. The Staunton Female Seminary, Rev. James Willis, Principal.
20. Augusta Female Seminary, Miss M. J. Baldwin Principal.
21. Residence of Capt. John McQuaide
22. Wesleyan Female Institute, Rev. W. A. Harris, Principal.
23. Old Red Mill, Near Staunton, Va.
24. Old House Built By The Hessians During The Revolution.
25. The Old Stone Church (Pres.) Built 1747.
26. Free School
27. Free School for Colored Children.
28. Cyclopian Towers, Augusta Co. Staunton Va.
29. Residence Of Mrs. Margaret L. Gay
30. Coke Ovens. Plant Half Mile Long. Property New River Coke Company, Caperton, West Va. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
31. View Of Mining Town Of Caperton, West Va., On New River. Coal Elevator And Incline. Property New River Coke Company. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
32. View Of Mining Town, Caperton, West Va., Showing Coal Tipples New River Coke Company, Caperton, West Va. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
33. View Of Coke Ovens In The Distance And Part Of Mining Town, Caperton, West Va., On New River. Property of The River Coke Company, Home Office, Staunton, Va.
34. Showing Elevator And Locomotive House.
35. Mine And Top Coal Tipple.
36. Store House And Offices.
37. Trestle Bridge Connecting Mines Over Martin's Brook.
38. Engines And Dynamos Generating Power To Operate Mining Machines And Motor Thurmond Coal Co., Thurmond, West Va., Home Office, Staunton, Va.
39. View Of New River And Loop Creek Bridge From Top Coal Tipple, Thurmond Mines, Showing Coking Coal Field As Far As Eye Can See And Extending Miles Beyond. Thurmond Coal Co. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
40. View Taken From C. & O. Ry. Track, Showing New River And Coal Tipples, Incline And Mines. Thurmond Coal Co., Thurmond, West Va. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
41. Views On The Property Of The Thurmond Coal Co., On C. & O. Ry., Thurmond, West Va. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
A. Lower Coal Tipple, Pockets And Trestle.
B. Upper Coal Tipple.
C. Main Entry Thurmond Mines, Electric Motor And Trolly Line.
D. New River, Showing Incline And Tipple.
42. View Of Fire Creek Coke Ovens, Coal Tipple And Mining Village, Looking Up New River, West Va. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
43. View Incline Plane And Upper Tipple, Showing Conglomerate Sand Stone Cliffs. Works Fire Creek Coal And Coke Co. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
44. View Of Fire Creek Coal Mines And Coke Ovens. Fire Creek Coal & Coke Co. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
45. Locomotive With Train Of Empty Cars Going Into Mines Of The Fire Creek Coal And Coke Co., Frie Creek, West Va. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
46. Coke Ovens And Coal Tipple, Fire Creek Coal And Coke. Co., Fire Creek, On New River, C. & O. Ry. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
47. Looking Up New River From Top Coal Tipple. Central, Echo And Thurmond Mines In The Distance. Fire Creek Coal And Coke Co., Fire Creek, West Va. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
48. Views On The Property Of The Fire Creek Coal And Coke Company, Fire Creek, West Virginia. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
A. Readt To Go Into Mines.
B. Store House And Offices.
C. Locomotive Starting Up Grade With Train Of Empty Cars.
D. Train Of Cars With Coal Coming Out Of Mine.
49. Residence G. H. Caperton, Jr., Manager Fire Creek Coal And Coke Co. Home Office, Staunton, Va.
50. Grounds And Buildings Of St. Francis Church And Parish School, Showing Priests' Residence In The Rear.
51. Residence James H. Blackley.
52. Second Presbyteian Church, First Presbyterian Church, Lutheran Church
53. Residence Of P. H. Trout.
54. Residence Of W. F. Summerson
55. Trinity Episcopal Church And Grounds.
56. Interior View Of The Office Of The Mutual Annuity Company.
57. Residence Of Arista Hoge.
58. Church Of The United Brethren, Baptist Church, Southern Methodist Church.
59. Residence Of Capt. Charles A. Holt.
60. Residence Of Robert W. Burke.
61. Map Of Gypsy Hill Park And Fair Grounds, Staunton, Va. With Photos Of Rustic Bridge And Driveway, In Upper Part Of The Park, Rustic Bridge Near The Entrance To Park, Pump House.
62. Race Track, Lake And Fair Grounds In Staunton, Va.
63. Residence Of Capt. J. C. Marquis.
64. Residence Of Gen. Roller And Mr. Partlow.
65. Residence Of Capt. T. C. Morton.
66. Residence Of Thos. D. Ranson.
67. Young Men's Christian Association Building.
68. National Valley Bank, Augusta National Bank.
69. Residence Of Thos. B. Blackley, Residence Of G. G. Gooch. 70. Staunton Shoe Factory
A. Part Of Fitting Dept.
B. Bottoming Dept.
C. Corner Of Cutting Dept.
71. Residence Of James N. McFarlands,
Residence Of Hon. Alex H. Stuart. 72. O. K. Lapham & Co., Tanic Acid Works, Staunton, Va.
73. "Steep Hill," Residence Of Col. John L. Peyton, Residence Of Dr. Newton Wayt.
74. The Old Ast Mill, The Oldest Mill In Augusta Co.
75. Front Of Hotel Altemonte, Looking North.
76. Waukesha Lithia Spring, Two Miles From Staunton, Va., Property Of Davis A. Kayser.
77. Sherwood, Property Sherwood Land Company, Staunton, Va., Residence Of M. N. Bradley, Staunton, Va.
78. Charles F. Jesser, Confectionery, Virginia Hotel, Wheat & Summerson, Retail Grocers.
79. Folley Mills, Witz & Holt Process Roller Flour Mill.
80. Spitler, Powell & Co., Grocers, S. M. Wilkes, Furniture, R. L. Stratton & Co., Grocers.
81. Old Mill On Lewis Creek, In Staunton, Nearly One Hundred Years Old. Myerly & Andrews, Wholesale And Retail Liquor Dealers.
82. Barkman & Singer, Confectioners; H. L. Lang, Jeweler; Eakle & Bowling, Grocers; Bumgardner, Mcquaide & Co., Wines.
83. M. Erskine Miller, Wholesale Grocer; John D. Cowle's Building; Loeb Bros., Dry Goods.
84. John Kroder's, Brass Goods & Curtain Pole Factories, Staunton, Va.
85. Map Showing Staunton, Va., And Surroundings.
86. Hotel Altemonte, To Be Errected On The Grounds Of The Staunton Development Co., Staunton, Virginia.

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