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Table of Contents for "The City and County of San Diego"

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The City and County of San Diego, by T. S. Van Dyke
1888, Illustrated, and containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent Men and Pioneers,
by T. T. Leberthon, A. Taylor

The Early Days, 9
Progress Of Farming, etc., 13
Beginning Of Fruit and Vine Culture, 16
Rise Of San Diego City, 18
The Long Sleep, 21
The Awakening, 25
The Bay Region, 30
The Interior, 34
The Lower Coast Division, 39
The Northern Division, 44
The Mountain Division, 48
Water, 52
Production, 58
The Climate, 66
Out-of-door Amusements, 72
Miscellaneous, 75
Morse, Whaley & Dalton Building, 210
First National Bank, 211
The Consolidated National Bank Of San Diego, 213
The Pierce-Morse Block, 214
Villa Montezuma, 214

A. E. Morton, 83
E. W. Morse, 87
Judge O. S. Witherby, 91
M. Schiller, 93
Thomas Whaley, 96
Hon. James McCoy, 102
Andrew Cassidy, 104
Robert Kelly, 106
Colonel C. P. Noell, 109
J. S. Mannasse, 112
Charles A. Wetmore, 114
George B. Hensley, 118
William E. High, 120
Aaron Pauly, 122
D. Choate, 125
Judge McNealy, 129
Robert Allison, 131
Phillip Morse, 133
R. G. Clark, 136
Daniel Cleveland, 139
George W. Hazzard, 142
William Jorres, 145
Charles J. Fox, C. E., 147
A. Klauber, 150
S. Levi, 152
Bryant Howard, 154
John S. Harbison, 156
Col. Chalmers Scott, 159
Charles Hubbell, 162
George William Barnes, M. D., 170
O. S. Hubbell, 164
Joseph Faivre, 167
Thomas L. Nesmith, 172
Mrs. Mary J. Birdsall, 175
D. Cave, D. D. S., 176
Dr. W. A. Winder, 179
Judge M. A. Luce, 181
George A. Cowles, 184
Dr. P. C. Remondino, 187
N. H. Conklin, 190
R. A. Thomas, 192
Judge John D. Works, 194
L. S. McClure, 197
Governor Robert W. Waterman, 199
Col. W. H. Holabird, 203
Col. John A. Helphingstine, 206
Willard N. Fos, 208

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