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Rockford, ILHistory of Rockford, Illinois
Dated Abt. 1917

This is a presentation in pictorial form of the Story of Rockford; a story of progress and achievement from the mid 1800s to 1917. At the time, Rockford enjoyed the distinction of being one of the most beautiful inland cities in America, and one of its leading industrial cities. From a mere trading post in frontier days, it developed into a magnificent city; a city of beautiful homes and a city of industrial activity; a city which extended an alluring invitation to the homeseeker and a successful business opportunity for the investor.

This book gives a great overview and contains excellent descriptions of the city, schools, churches, clubs and societies, library, transportation, manufacturing, industrial and more. Includes photos of almost every business. There are nice photos on all the pages except for one or two. Click here to browse the Table of Contents and search for surnames.

10.5" x 7.75", 116 pages, delivered on CD-ROM.

Browse samples: Table of Contents and Surname Search (HTML), First six pages (PDF, 1.27MB)

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