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Listing of Family and Biographical Sketches in the
"A History of the Town of Poultney, Vermont"

Most of the biographies are detailed very well for the individual names and family entries and give quite a bit of information in the book. For the individual entries, there is usually a good description of the immediate family members (spouse and children), and for the family biographies, there is usually a detailed description of many family members including parents, siblings, spouse and children.

The names shown below are the primary individuals and families as listed in the book, however, there are many more references to other individuals in the book.

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Adams Family
Adams, Jeremiah
Allen, Ebenezer
Allen, Heber
Allen, Hemen
Ames, Elijah
Angevine, Anthony
Andrus, Roswell
Andrus, Daniel
Armstrong, Jeremiah
Ashley Family
Austin, John W.

Babcock Family
Bailey, Amon
Ballard Family
Barber, Eli
Barker Family
Bateman, Orson
Beach, Noah Porter
Beals, David
Beaman, Joel
Bent, Clark E.
Besse, David C.
Bliss, Amos.
Bliss, Dr. George L.
Bliss, Marcus W.
Bosworth, William Miller
Boomer, Perry
Broughton Family
Brown, George W.
Brown, Vaniah
Brownson, Stephen
Buckland, William
Buel, Ezekiel
Bull, Robert

Campbell, Horace
Canfield Family
Chandler, Hiram
Clark, Warren
Clark, Andrew
Clark, Merritt
Cleveland, Soloman
Cox, James H.
Codman Family
Crittenden Family
Culver Daniel

Dana Family
Derby, Hiram
Dean, Simeon P.
Dewey Family
Dye, Joshua

Eddy, Charles F.
Eddy, Zachariah
Edgerton, Chauncey
Everts, Don A.

Farnum, Bazaleel
Farwell Family
Fenton, Noah C.
Fifield, Samuel
Finel, Edward
Frisbie, Joel
Fuller Family

Gibson Family
Giddings Family
Goodrich, Franklin
Gorham Family
Grant Family
Green, Rufus H.
Green, Amasa

Harris, James S.
Harris, Jesse
Haskins, Nehemiah
Hawes, Elijah
Hall, Horace
Herrick, Ephriam
Herrick, Archibald B.
Hickok Family
Hooker Family
Hosford Family
Hotchkiss, Miles
Howe, John
Hull, H. T.
Humphrey, R. J.
Hyde Family

Jenks, Norman
Jones, John
Joslin Family
Johnson, John
Johnson, William

Kendrick Family
Kendrick, Adin
Kilburn, Hiram
Kinne Family
Knapp Family
Knapp, Alonzo M.
Kellogg, Frederick

Lamb, Clark
Lamson, Edmund
Lawrence, Alanson
Lewis, Josiah
Lewis, William
Lewis, Aaron
Lewis, Jairus
Leffingwell, Isaac

Mallary Family
Mallary, Calvin
Manning, Daniel
Maranville Family
Marshall Family
McLeod Family
Mears, John
Monroe, Califf
Morse, Joseph
Morgan Family
Miller, William
Morrill, Robert K.

Neal, Henry G.
Newman, Rev. John
Norton, Solomon
Noyes, Moses

Parker, Abel
Parker, Gardner
Parsons, Daniel
Parsons, Abial
Pease, Royal
Perry Family
Pierce, Phineas
Pond Family
Poor, William H.
Preston Family
Prindle, Sherman

Rann Family
Reading, Andrew Jackson
Ransom Family
Richards Family
Rice Family
Richardson, James
Ripley, Charles
Rogers, Stephen
Ross, Paul M.
Ross, Elijah
Rowe, James J.
Ruggles Family
Ruggles, John

Safford, Dr. Jonas
Sanford, Oliver
Satterlee, James
Scott Family
Sherman, Olcott
Smith, Joel
Smith, Harvey Douglass
Smith, Nathaniel and James
Smith, Ebenezer
Smith, Reuben
Smith, Andrew J.
Smith, Horace
Scribner, Peter
Spaulding, Julius
Spaulding, Loomis C.
Sprague, Daniel
Stanley Family
Stevens, Barnum

Thompson Family
Todd, Thomas
Turner, Moses

Ward Family
Ward, Moses
Watson Family
Wells, Enos
Wells, Noah
Webster, Elijah D.
Wheeler Family
Wheeler, Jonathan R.
Watkins, Boardwell
Williams, Abijah
Williams, William R.
Williams, John R.
Whitney, Soloman
Wood, Samuel
Woodman, Samuel

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