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Table of Contents for "History of McDonough County, Illinois"

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1878 History of McDonough County, Illinois,
by S. J. Clarke

Its Cities, Towns and Villages, with Early Reminiscences, Personal Incidents and Anecdotes
and a Complete Business Directory of the County
Dated: 1878

Ulrichson, Charles, 662
Underhill & Son, 684
Underhill, Anson, 681
Underhill, J. U., 431
Underhill, James, 548
Underhill, L., 431
Underhill, Lodowick, 224
Underwood, B. C., 432
Underwood, C. R. & Bro., 250
Underwood, Elder, 467
Underwood, W. D., 541
Underwood, William, 547
Updegraff & Maury, 260
Updegraff, Amanda, 426
Updegraff, Ambrose W., 237
Updegraff, Ambrose, 214
Updegraff, Captain Ambrose, 212
Updegraff, J. H., 98
Updegraff, J. P., 40, 55, 98, 102, 128, 594, 616, 617
Updegraff, James, 125, 420
Updegraff, Joseph P., 39, 48, 403, 249, 283, 285
Updegraff, Miss Imogene, 39
Upp, George, 424
Upp, John, 423
Upton, Charles W., 240

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