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The Complete Letter Writer and Book of Social Forms The Complete Letter Writer and Book of Social Forms
A Comprehensive and Practical Guide and Assistant to Letter Writing
Edited by Charles Walter Brown

Dated 1902, 300 Pages

Contains a large collection of model letters and forms adapted to all occasions: Introductions, Business Letters, Letters of Congratulation and condolence. Letters of Love, Courtship and Marriage: Friendship and Affection. Letter writing examples from great men and women.

See below for download samples and the Table of Contents. Note that Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or higher is required to view the PDF file. This is a very interesting book for those of you interested in the formal, old-style of writing from the early 1900s.

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All items on this web page, including the index below are Copyright 2006 by Vintage eBooks/Borrego Publishing. The information presented here may not under any circumstances be resold or redistributed without the expressed written permission from Vintage eBooks/Borrego Publishing.


Chapter I

Letter Writing
Letter-writing becoming one of the Lost Arts-Long "Letters" give place to brief "Notes"-Some of our best literature in the form of Letters-Men put themselves into their Letters - The Apostle Paul-Oliver Cromwell-A man known by his Letters-"Men of Letters"-Letter-writing will never die-Avoid the pathetic appeal, "why do you not write?"-Affection Lives on Faith-"Write soon."17-22

Chapter II

How to write a letter
What is worth doing is worth doing well-Slovenly Letters indicate Slovenly Minds-Sometimes well to make Notes-the rambling Letter-writer-Imagine the person to whom you are writing to be present-Then talk with your fingers-Let the style be Natural-Suited to the subject in hand-Make the sentences short-Use of Capital Letters-Punctuation-Proper Position-Seven Valuable Hints, 8-29

Chapter III

Hints and Cautions
This book intended to Help, not to supersede personal effort-Great care should be exercised in the use of any of these Letters-An amusing instance of the too strict use of a Letter-writer-The Courtship of Josef Sprouts-Sparing use of Quotations-Contractions-Abbreviations-Underlining-Write Intelligibly-be careful to place your letter in the proper envelope-Mr. McGregor's laughable mistake, 30-45

Chapter IV

Examples of Correspondence from Master Minds
Celebrated Letters from William Cowper-Sir Walter Scott-William Penn-Thomas Jefferson-Martin Luther-Charles Lamb-Thomas Gray, 46-55

Chapter V

Examples of Correspondence from Master Minds
Memorable Letters from Robert Burns-James Howell-William Cowper-Charles Lamb-Florence Nightingale-Mrs. Nathaniel Hawthorne-Henry Ward Beecher, 56-67

Chapter VI

Modern Political Letters
Letter of Hon. Samuel J. Tilden declining the nomination of the Democratic Party-Letter of Hon. James G. Blaine accepting the nomination of the Republican Party-Letter of Hon. Grover Cleveland accepting the nomination of the Democratic Party, 68-84

Chapter VII

Models of Style
Specimen Letters-Specimen Lines-Models of Headings-Models of Conclusions-proper form of a Letter-A Correctly ordered Letter-Models of Envelope Addresses-Calling Cards-Invitations to Afternoon Tea-To Social Gatherings-To Dancing Parties-To Dinner, 85-98

Chapter VIII

Letters of Introduction
Introducing a Gentleman to an old Fellow-student, 101
One Lady to Another, 101
A Gentleman who is Traveling, 102
A Newly-married Lady to an old Friend, 102
A Governess, 103
An Officer to a Member of Congress, 104
An officer to the Secretary of War, 104
A Soldier to the Writer's Mother, 105
A sister of a Schoolmate, 105
A College-mate to a Married Brother, 106
A Lady to an old Schoolmate, 106
A Gentle man Seeking a Clerkship, 107
A Young Lady Seeking Employment, 107
A Governess to a Lady, 108
A Member of a Church to a Brother Minister, 109
A Literary Lady to a Publisher, 109
From a Lady who desires to place her Daughters at a Quiet Boarding-house, 110
Answer to the same, 111

Chapter IX

Business Letters
Offer to Open an Account, 114
Letter Accepting the Foregoing Offer, 115
Letter Complaining of Quality of Goods, 115
Reply to the Foregoing, 116
Letter of Introduction and Credit, 116
Answer to Foregoing, 118
Attorney's Demand for Payment, 118
Letter Threatening Law Proceedings, 119
Excuse for Non-payment of Money, 119
Letter from a Gentleman desirous of Letting his House for a Short Period to a House Agent, 119
Letter of Credit, 120
Business Forms-Receipt in Full of all Demands, 121
A Check, 122
A Draft on Sight on Private Party, 123
Sixty-day Note Payable at Bank, 124

Chapter X

Letters of Congratulations
To a Daughter on Her Birthday, 125
On receiving a Birthday Congratulation, 125
Birthday Congratulations, 126
To a Lady upon Her Marriage, 127
On the Marriage of a Friend, 128
Upon Literary Success, 128
Upon Business Advancement, 129
Upon the Convalescence of an invalid, 130
Upon the Birth of a Child, 130

Chapter XI

Letters of Condolence
On the Death of a Son, 131
On the Death of a Child, 132
To a Mother on the Death of an Infant, 133
Another Letter on the Death of a Child, 133
From Hon. William Wirt to his Wife, 134
A Letter of Condolence on the Death of a Husband, 135
On the Death of a Child, 135
On the Death of an Aged Man, 136
To an Invalid Lady, 137
On a Commercial Failure, 138
On a Business Loss, 138
On a Lose by Fire, 139

Chapter XII

Letters of Love and Marriage
Love-letters made of flowers, 140
Wellington to Madame De Stael, 142
Letter from a Gentleman to a Lady offering her his Hand, 142
Favorable reply to the Foregoing, 143
From a Gentleman to a Lady to whom he is in Love, 144
From a Gentleman to a Lady requesting her Photograph, 145
From a Gentleman to the Father of the Lady he Loves, 145
From a Lady to her Friend, engaging her as Bridesmaid, 146
From a Lady to her Suitor, on being requested to Name the Wedding Day, 147
From a Gentleman to a Lady, after Heavy Business Losses, offering to release her from her Engagement, 148
Reply Declining the Offer, 149
From a Lady Remonstrating with her Future Husband on his Reckless Life, 150
From a Widow, in Answer to Proposals, 151
From a Widow, Answer in the Negative, 152
From a Gentleman to a Lady Seeking to Renew a Ruptured Engagement, 153

Chapter XIII

Wedding Festivities and Anniversaries
List of names of the Varied Anniversaries-Forms of Invitation to the Wooden Wedding-The Tin Wedding-The Crystal Wedding-The Silver Wedding-Wedding-Day Speeches-The Health of Bridesmaids-Response on Behalf of the Bridesmaids-Speeches for the Silver Wedding-Seven Wise Words to the a Married -Song for a Silver Wedding, 154-168

Chapter XIV

Letters of Parents and Children
From a Boy at School to his Father, 164
To a Son at School, 164
From a young Lady at School to her Mother, 165
From a young Lady to her Mother, 166
From a Father Remonstrating with his Son, 167
The Son's Reply, 168
From a Son in Business in the City to his Mother, 168
From a Gentleman Desiring to Ascertain the State of his Son's Improvement at School, 169
From a Gentleman to his Son on the Marriage of the Latter, 170
Announcing Vacation, 170
Acknowledging a Present, 171

Chapter XV

Letters of Advice
Advising a Youth to Stick to his Trade, 172
Advising a Youth to Drop an Acquaintance, 173
Advice to a Young Man Entering College, 174
Advice on the Choice of Employment, 176

Chapter XVI

Letters concerning Advertisements
Application for Office-boy's Position, 180
Application for School-teacher's Position, 180
Application for Position of Hotel Clerk, 181
Application for Situation on a Railway, 181
Application for Position of Housekeeper, 182
Application in Behalf of Another, 183
Recommendation of a Book-keeper, 183
School-teachers' Testimonial, 184
Application for Situation as Parish School-master, 184
Application for Situation as Ward School-mistress, 185

Chapter XVII

Letters of Favor, ETC., ETC.
From a Gentleman requesting the Loan of a Book, 186
Affirmative answer to the Foregoing, 187
Application for personal Loan, 187
Favorable Reply, 188
Application for a Testimonial from a Clergymen, 188
Offering the use of Mourning for a Funeral, 189

Chapter XVIII

Accompanying a Bouquet, 190
Accompanying a Book, 190
Card Forms Accompanying Presents, 191
Accompanying Tickets to a Matinee, 192
Accompanying a Photograph, 192
Reply to the Above, 192

Chapter XIX

Miscellaneous Letters
Requesting a Friend to Execute a Commission, 194
Application for a Subscription to a Charity, 195
Answer to the Foregoing, 195
Application of a Servant for a Testimonial, 195
The Mistress's Reply, 195
The Servant Acknowledging receipt of reply, 196
From a Farm House, 196
From a Young Mechanic to his Sweetheart, 197
A Parent's Answer to a Daughter, Absent from Home Learning a Trade, 198

Chapter XX

Literary Gems Gathered from Notable Letter-writers
A Good Wife-Let us Love one Another-The lot of every Public Man Religious Comfort-Wordsworth's Sister-Leniency to the Living-Morning-Comfort Derived from Literature-"The Feast of Reason"-Pope's Birthday-An Editor's Responsibilities-Making the Best of our Friends-Woman's Position-The Folly of War-The Greatest of all Blessings-Indolence, 200-205

Chapter XXI

Forms for Directing, Commencing and Concluding Letters
The Clergy-Ambassadors-Secretaries-Consuls, etc., etc.-Concluding Observations, 210-216

Chapter XXIII

Concerning the Mails
Important Postal Information-Rates of Domestic Postage-For all Places in the United States and Canada-Foreign Postage-Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers-Sending Money-Miscellaneous Facts and Suggestions, 217-226

Chapter XXIV

List of Abbreviations in common use
Geographical Abbreviations-United States-Territories and Districts-Miscellaneous-Foreign Countries-Chronological-Relating to Books and Literature-Relating to Business, to Law and Government-Ecclesiastical, 227-241

Chapter XXV

Selections Suitable for the Autograph Album, 234-241

Chapter XXVL

Common Errors, 242-252

Chapter XXVIL

Classical Terms in Ordinary Use, 258-274
Chapter XXVIIL

Important Words
The same in Sound, but Different in Meaning

Chapter XXIX

Dictionary of Synonyms

Copyright 2004-2006 Borrego Publishing and Vintage eBooks (Vintage eBooks is an imprint of Borrego Publishing.)